Students must be punctual for all events to which they are assigned and must maintain attendance or they will be dismissed from the crew.

Students are responsible for checking schedules and call times to assure they arrive on time for all events they are assigned to work.

School and family take priority over crew work. However, if you have agreed to work or design a production for Theatre Ink or an "outside" event, then it is your responsibility to get the job done. Students are expected to manage their time and the responsibilities of school and home life.

Student crew attire policy must be followed. No open toe or open back shoes while at a work call or event. No Loose or baggy clothing. Long hair must be tied back. Long necklaces or dangling jewelry should be removed or stored so it won't endanger you or others.

Crew members must maintain the same eligibility standards as athletes as outlined by Newton North High School athletic policies.

  1. All crew must act in a respectful and professional manner whenever they are on duty in the performing arts center. This includes:
    1. being polite at all times (please and thank you)
    2. refraining from inappropriate discussion topics
    3. staying on task at all times
    4. using appropriate language (especially on headset)
  2. No roughhousing or horseplay is allowed on stage, in the shop or in any part of the performing arts center at any time.
  3. All crew must have appropriate shoes to participate in work calls, rehearsals, load-ins, and events. Appropriate shoes have closed toe and closed heel and are in good condition. Sandals, flip-flops, high heels, and slippers are never allowed.
  4. All crew must have appropriate attire. No loose or baggy clothing, no sleeveless shirts, no skirts or dresses may be worn during work calls, rehearsals, load-ins, or events.
  5. Crew members must arrive in a timely fashion for all events. ("You are on time if you are five minutes early. You are late if you arrive at the scheduled time.")
  6. Crew members may not be backstage or in the control booth during an event they are not assigned to work without prior permission of the Technical Director or Assistant Technical Director.
  7. Family and friends may not be brought backstage or into other sensitive areas without prior permission from the TD or ATD.
  8. Crew members may not remain in the performing arts center without adult supervision.
  9. Crew members are not expected to work events they are not available for. However, if a crew member agrees to work an event and later finds they are unable to attend, they are responsible for finding a replacement. Crew members have 72 hours after a schedule is posted to request a change due to a conflict. After that time, it is the crew member's responsibility to find a replacement.
  10. Crew members must help maintain the quality and neatness of the performing arts center. Crew members who repeatedly leave messes may be dismissed from crew. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Neatly and correctly coiling all cables and cords
    2. Putting away all technical elements used during an event
    3. Proper care of headsets and radios
    4. Returning all tools to their appropriate homes in the scenic shop
    5. Cleaning up all trash in the control booth
    6. Removing personal items after long events
    7. Turning off all used lighting