New for 2011!

How to Order Photos

1. Click here.
2. Locate the gallery for the show that you wish to view and click on the gallery name or adjacent photo to open the gallery.

3. You should see a screen that looks like this:

4. You can scroll through the photos using the navigation buttons

5. You can change the size of the photo viewed by hovering the mouse over the photo and choosing a different size.
6. You may purchase a download or print product of individual photos by using the ‘Buy’ button on the upper right corner.

7. Purchasing options will drop down

8. Selecting “All Digital Downloads” will allow you to purchase the download of the entire gallery at the selected size. Otherwise you may choose single or multiple photos to purchase.
9. Options may be selected from the purchase page:

10. Individual finishes and products are described after clicking on the product name.
11. Click “checkout” to complete your purchase. You will be given instructions for downloading your photos after completion.
12. Thank you for using the website and supporting Theatre Ink. A portion of all purchases goes to Theatre Ink to support its mission.