Playwrights' Festival

The Playwrights' Festival is an all-new event showcasing five original plays written, performed, and directed by Newton North students. It will be held on Thursday, June 5th, at 7:30 PM in the Little Theatre.


Decompression, by Seth Simons & Chris Annas-Lee
Al - Jesse Appell
Ned - Jordan Ascher

Equivocate, by Gabe Nicholas
Pewter - Derek Butterton
Isaac - Caleb Weinrab
Sarah - Joella Tepper
Max - David Gore

INTERROBANG!, by Max Nussenbaum
Jed 1 - Kevin Zabrecky
Jed 2 - Dan Abromowitz
Jed 3 - Sam Melnick
Jed 4 - Seth Simons
Christina 1 - Laura Swager
Christina 2 - Becca Daniels
Christina 3 - Rachel Gore
Christina 4 - Ingrid Rudié

This Small Planet, by Danny Kessler
He - Nathan Wainwright
She - Mercer Gary

Writer's Block, by Jordan Ascher
Foster - Zach Horvitz
Ron - Jaryd Justice-Moote
Marianne - Jen Diamond