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Shakespeare is Back!

This year's North/South Shakespeare collaboration is
MAY 14-16 at South.
Directed by DEV LUTHRA


Macbeth Alex Caron
Lady Macbeth Maddy Schulman
Banquo Tess Boris-Schacter
Fleance Abi Oshins
Malcolm Derek Butterton
Donalbain William Su
Macduff Max Grossman
Lady Macduff Laura Swager
Son Philip Fradkin
Ross Philip Halin
Lennox Harry Neff
Angus Max Pava
Menteith Kirsten Holland
Caithness Olivia Schutte
Seyton Lauren Ashbrook
Doctor Emma Weisberg
Gentlewoman Lizzie Weisman
Witch 1 Rachel Insoft
Witch 2 Jocelyn Weiss
Witch 3 Rina Freidberg
Apparition 1 Mercer Gary
Apparition 2 Tori Wilson
Apparition 3 Hannah Furgang
Murderer 1 Justin Phillips
Murderer 2 Ingrid Rudie
Bloody Soldier Catherine Martlin
Messenger Charlie Beers
Porter Miko Walsh
Young Siward Annabel Raby
Old Siward George Barclay
Duncan Kendra Rouse

DEV LUTHRA (director) trained as an actor at the East 15 Acting School, London, England and at Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, MA. He has studied with master teachers Karen Beaumont, Ruth Zaporah and Augusto Boal. Acting credits include Agrippa in Antony & Cleopatra, Orsino in Twelfth Night, Worcester in Henry IV, part 1, Herr Biedermann in Max Frisch's Firebugs and Graham in Talking Heads by Alan Bennett. He has taught acting, movement and improvisation in the Brookline public school system, at Boston College and Emerson College and has served as Education Director of the New Theatre Conservatory. He currently teaches and directs at the Windsor School in Boston and is Artistic Director of And Still We Rise Productions, a company focused the stories and struggles of those trying to rebuild their lives after involvement with our prison system.

Macbeth will be performed in the South Theatre on May 14-16.

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