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Josh reunites with his mother, who has recently returned to town after having left him and his dad ten years ago to follow a guru. In hopes of connecting with his mom and finding his own spiritual identity, Josh gets involved with the guru, bringing his best friend Phoebe along for the ride. In a journey of self-discovery, he learns about life, family, and loyalty.

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SPLIT will be performed in the Little Theatre on October 30th and 31st at 7:30PM.

Cast List

Marharishi - Anderson, Matt
Josh – Ascher, Jordan
Extra - Dannenberg, Anndy
Teacher - Donato, Sarah
Phoebe - Dover, Sophie
Extra - Finnegan, Tim
Manuel - Gore, David
Katherine - Johns, Donna
Paul - Klem, Dennis
Extra - Kranes, Nancy
Liz - Perez-Dietz, Gaby
Antonio - Phillips, Justin
Barb - Prager, Audrey
Sam - Raffeld, Miriam

Please initial your name to indicate that you accept the role.

Thanks to all who auditioned! We were so impressed by all of the talent we saw. You made our decision very difficult.

If you are interested in a backstage role, please contact Mr. Snow, Rachel Gore, Ms. Goldthwaite or Roxie Overaker. If you indicated interest already, we’ll be in touch!

Read-through Wednesday 9/24, 4 pm – 7pm for entire cast.