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Auditions will be held January 20th and 22nd.

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Urinetown is a satirical musical comedy set in a time when water has become so scarce that people are required to pay a fee to use public toilets controlled by one giant mega-corporation. If a citizen fails to follow this imposing law, they are sent to "Urinetown" a mysterious place from which no one ever returns. Led by Bobby Strong, the young assistant custodian at "The Poorest Filthiest Urinal in Town", the oppressed poor join together in a rebellion against the corrupt corporation run by greedy Caldwell B. Cladwell. Chaos ensues as the poor demand free bathroom privileges and a love-struck Bobby falls for Cladwell's daughter, Hope. As the plot unfolds,Urinetown leaves room for the audience to question the precarious future of our environment. Fueled by rousing musical and dance numbers, and chock-full of laugh-out-loud comedy, Urinetown is sure to entertain audiences from beginning to shocking end.

Urinetown will be performed in the Little Theatre on May 28-31st. .