11th Annual Playwrights' Festival

Directed by Adam Chapnik

An evening of student-written ten-minute plays

June 7,8,9 at 7:30PM and June 9th, 11th at 2:00PM in the Little Theatre

Playwrights Submission PacketHere

Hello Writers!

As another reminder, if you have never written a play that was in the Festival before, attending one Writing Workshop will be mandatory to submit a play. If you have written a play that was in the Festival before, attendance is not required, but highly recommended. Writing Workshops will be held Saturday, September 30th (10AM-12:30 PM) and Wednesday, Oct. 11th (6-8:30 PM), both at North in Room 175. If you cannot attend these for any reason, contact Mr. Fabrizio (fabriziod@newton.k12.ma.us) or Adam at playwrightscoordinator@gmail.com. We're looking to have more submissions than ever before this year, and we're trying to broaden our outreach to not just freshmen, but also sophomores and upperclassmen who have never participated in Theatre Ink. before. If you know anyone who might be interested in writing for the Festival, please reach out to them and encourage them to attend the General Interest Meeting. (You will see this date plenty more times, but keep in mind that submissions will be due November 13th.) See you Monday! Adam Chapnik Coordinator The Eleventh Annual Playwrights' Festival Theatre Ink; June 2018  

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