Nitrous Oxide

February 7,8,9 2019 in the Little Theatre at 7:30PM

Directed by Mikayla Alford and Andrew Ruttenberg

Theatre Ink’s oldest and only Sketch Comedy Troupe is a group of young comedic voices whose work is brought to life through a student-centered directing, writing and rehearsal process that leads to a hilarious, silly intelligent and edgy evening of comedy. (Please note: This was not written by one of the writers)

Nitrous Oxide is a cavalcade of comedy, clearly a cultural cornerstone of our “kinda college”. Creating comedy since Kerry was a candidate, we’ve created a quartet of colossal concoctions to keep you cracking up til Christmas. Considerably cool, clearly creative, killer comedy comes to your class consistently and comfortably. A collaboration of crazy contraptions occurs every occasion captivating crowds consisting of children to courageous cosmopolites. Chock-full of clever and complex curtain-raisers conceived, checked, compiled, and carried out by a clique of charismatic kids, it’s certainly not a comedy to cast aside. Kick back, keep cool, and come to Citrous Coxide!

Now in its 10th year, Nitrous Oxide has celebrates a decade of laughter and is one show you will not want to miss!

Nitrous Oxide Cast List here