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Twentieth Century
Directed by Julia Mandel-Folly and Ingrid Rudie
November 12-14, 2009 in the Lasker Auditorium

This hilarious, fast paced comedy will have audiences laughing from Chicago to Grand Central Station! Twentieth Century follows financially ruined theatre producer Oscar Jaffe's zany plots to win back him former lover and leading lady, Lily Garland. Outrageous characters and wild twists drive this over the top farce, complete with a religious zealot writing faulty checks and a plan for a Passion Play starring a menagerie of wild animals. Board the Twentieth Century Limited and enjoy this uproarious adventure!

Oscar Jaffe Jordan Ascher
Lily Garland Nuala O'Donovan
Ida Webb Jen Diamond
Owen O'Malley John MacGaffey
George Smith Robert Benner
Beard/Detective David Gore
Matthew Clark Derek Butterton
Grover Lockwood Rocco Donahue
Anita Highland Laura Swager
Conductor Elliot Raff
Porter Sam Raby
Max Jacobs Ben Rosenberg