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Theatre is simply what cannot be expressed by any other means; a complexity of words, movements, gestures that convey a vision of the world inexpressible in any other way. - Eugene Ionesco

Theatre Arts courses and involvement in Theatre Ink, Newton North High Schoolís Teaching and Working Theatre, are student-centered learning experience that emphasizes the process of artistic collaboration and instills a disciplined work ethic through the study and practice of theatre. By emphasizing ensemble building and individual development, we seek to prepare students to be lifelong learners, critical and creative thinkers, and problem solvers committed to open and honest communication. We believe that these are universal skills that can be applied productively to any chosen endeavor. We want students to leave our classes and program well prepared to navigate their way toward success in a challenging, complex, and exciting world. The courses and program offerings are for all students regardless of their future interests in or outside the world of theatre. Theatre is the study and practice of the human experience that transcends to all areas.

Theatre Ink, Newton North High Schoolís teaching and working Theatre, offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to have a complete hands-on learning experience in all aspects of theatre arts, both on and off stage. We strongly encourage students to participate in all areas of production and reap the lifelong benefits that the program has to offer. The best way to get involved is to take a theatre course and make connections with your theatre teacher and fellow peers. From there you will have direct access and be connected to the rest of the program. All Students are highly encouraged to get involved by auditioning or signing up to work on one of our 12-13 productions each year. The program offers hands on training in technical direction, set design, light design, sound design, student directing, acting, stage crew, stage management, props, costumes, make-up, publicity, dramaturgy, student producing, improvisation, playwriting, house management, musical orchestra, musical theatre, project management, arts management, marketing and more. Being involved automatically connects you to a community of people who like to work together and develop skills through producing theatre. You donít have to be in a show to be in a show and besides, itís fun! Get connected, be involved and enjoy the experience of meeting new people who love working in the theatre. For more information go to our website at and join us for our Open House in September and find out how you can be a part of Newton Northís Teaching and Working Theatre. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a senior, it is never too late or too early to be involved!

820 Theatre Arts 1 no level 9-10-11-12 F or S 4 periods 2.5 credits

Theatre Arts I is an introductory course that could change your life. Theatre is about the human experience and will give you the opportunity to develop skills in communication, creativity, critical thinking and build self-confidence through the explorations of improvisation, monologue and scene study work while being a part of an ensemble of learning. The class will create a fun and safe place to learn and perform through trust and teambuilding activities and develop a sense of self-awareness while building confidence. Theatre Arts I is also a fun and immersive exploration of the craft of acting, as it applies to everything from public speaking, telling a good joke, to putting on a full-scale production. All students, from beginners to experienced actors, use theatre games, exercises, theatre history, improvisation and the study of monologues and scenes to build fundamental performance skills and to access the emotional core from which they will draw inspiration for in-class performances. The skills learned in this class will translate to all other areas of a studentís life both personally and academically. Students will learn through the development of trust, communication, presentation and group cooperation skills, in a fully inclusive environment that is safe, fun and engaging. Students will also learn how to make bold artistic choices while taking risks outside of their comfort zone. All you need to take this course is a little bit of interest, an open mind and the willingness to try new and exciting activities. Theatre I also provides direct access to participating in Theatre Ink, Newton North High Schoolís teaching and working theatre that produces 12-13 productions each year. Take theatre I and make new friends while gaining skills that will prepare you for anything!

821 Theatre Arts 2 no level 10-11-12 S 4 periods 2.5 credits
Prerequisite: Theatre Arts 1 or the approval of the teacher.

Theatre Arts II takes the experiences from Theatre Arts I to the next level, incorporating directing, organizational, and advanced acting skills into studentsí repertoire. Students explore the creation and development of characters through monologue and scene work, while continuing their work on acting fundamentals started in Theatre Arts I. There is also a greater focus on fine-tuning voice, body and movement and how it makes the actor more complete on and off stage. Students will also explore different methods of craft such as those from Sanford Meisner, Constantin Stanislavski and others. This class culminates with a final project that incorporates all of the skills the students have been working on into a final performance, directed, designed, and performed by the class. This class is for intermediate to advanced students who may decide to pursue their study of theatre at Newton North and beyond. It is also for all students who want to gain these universal skills for future success in any endeavor of their choice. If you liked Theatre I then Theatre II will take you to a higher level!

822 Introduction to Technical Theatre no level 9-10-11-12 2 blocks half year 1.25 credits
full year 2.5 credits

Power tools anyone? Introduction to Technical theatre is a fun hands on experience in the behind the scenes technology of theatre. The course will cover the basics of shop safety and tool usage while exploring set, light and sound design. Students will apply course knowledge, by building sets, hanging, focusing and cabling lights and learn how to set-up and run sound for current productions. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about design and participate in Theatre Ink. Students who take this class will also have the opportunity to design for Theatre Ink productions if they participate in Stage Techniques which is offered after school. Donít miss this opportunity to work with state of the art equipment in our brand new theatres while being a part of every production! Students have the option to sign up foreither the full year course or for a semester.

837 Introduction to Costume Design no level 9-10-11-12 full year 2 blocks 2.5 credits
836 Introduction to Costume Design no level 9-10-11-12 no level 9-10-11-12 F or S 2 blocks 1.25 credits

This introductory costume course focuses on developing and combining the ideas of character and clothing in connection to the text of each play (and musical) performed at Theater Ink. We will review the basics of costume design and implementation by using fabric, texture, shape and color to support and inform the storytelling process for the audience. Students will learn how to work and develop a process in how to make the directorís vision come-to-life through a collaborative process. Our costume design course provides students with the opportunity to explore and expand their artistic and visual expression while providing practical experience in costume management, design and maintenance. The course allows students to visualize the world of theatre using fabric and clothing while working closely with direc- tors, stage managers and technicians. Although previous sewing experience is not necessary, a desire to learn basic sewing and crafting is essential. This course will provide numerous opportunities for students to work on the design teams of individual shows. Students will also have the opportunity to design their own shows by joining the Stage Techniques Class after school.

823 Stage Techniques no level 9-10-11-12 full year 5 credits

Stage Techniques is a course that covers a wide variety of back stage jobs in Theatre Ink. Taking this class is open to member of the Stage Crew, stage managers, costume coordinators, props coordinators, and producers. Students will learn technical theatre organization, design and implementation. You will be a member of a team working on lighting, sound, set design, and the theatrical production process. For each production in the Lasker Auditorium and Little Theater, the Stage Crew is responsible for designing, constructing, and striking the set, lights, sound and making sure the theatre space is clean after every production. Students will learn basic carpentry, electrical, sound, lighting, drafting, and construction techniques. This course may meet every day after school depending on each studentís schedule. Each student has the opportunity to create their schedule in conjunction with the needs of the program. The Theatre Director and Technical Director will supervise this course.

824 Stage Production Work Study no level 11-12 full year 10 periods/wk 5 credits
Prerequisite: Stage Techniques

Students who work on the Stage Crew master many specialized technical skills such as set design and construction, stage lighting and special effects, as well as how to set up and run sound, lights and projection equipment. They learn scheduling, organization, project management and problem solving as well as provide microphones, lights, and other equipment, and appropriate furnishings for a wide variety of productions, programs, speakers, meetings, and special events. Equally important, they serve as student leaders and role models as they learn to take responsibility for the security, care, maintenance, and correct use of equipment and theatre facilities. These particular students will serve as student leaders for the Stage Crew. They will help teach, guide and support less experienced students in developing knowledge and practical skill in the area of technical theatre. They will also serve as role models that support a positive and collaborative program. Students must be currently enrolled in and passing a related course from one of the following departments: Fine and Performing Arts, Business Technology and Education, Career and Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences. This course also includes stage managers, costume coordinators, props coordinators, and producers. The Theatre Director and Technical Director will supervise this course. This course meets every day depending on the studentís schedule after school. See Work-Study Coordinator for paper work.

825 Introduction to Directing/Practicum no level 11 S H Block 1 credit

Junior students have the opportunity to apply to direct a full-length play in their senior year. Introduction to Directing requires students to read and research a number of plays and write up a thesis style proposal to direct, based on the play of their choice. Students will be required to submit a written research thesis/application, participate in two interviews and make an oral presentation as well as direct a piece from their proposal for a panel of staff and student directors. The process runs from late January through May of the academic year. Students not selected to direct will receive 1 credit and be offered opportunities to student direct one acts or assistant direct with a faculty member and/or outside director in the upcoming season.

826 Advanced Theatrical Directing/Practicum no level 11-12 full year H Block 2.5 credits

Prerequisite: Students in this course must have taken Introduction to Directing and been selected to direct a full-length play as part of the Theatre Ink student director application process. They have the full resources of our theatre department to produce the play they selected within the production season. The course continues through the production dates of their play and the time needed to fulfill the writing requirements. The 1 credit for Introduction to Directing is incorporated into the 2.5 credits for this course, and these credits cannot be used to meet the graduation requirement in English.

Advanced Directing is a ďhands onĒ course where student directors participate in intensive classes in June that cover basic principles of directing, production management, organization, audition processes and teambuilding. Over the summer students will complete reading and writing assignments from The Play Directorís Survival Kit and Theatre: Art in Action textbooks. They will also complete assigned readings from various books on directing. They are also required to see two theatrical productions and write about these experiences in their journal. In September the student directors participate in two more intensive classes that prepare them for the directing experience. They develop audition packets, hire production staff members and put together a production calendar for their play process. Student directors run an 8-10 week rehearsal process that includes meeting daily with cast and crew during the school week from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m. The final product is the performance of the play for the Newton community. Students keep an extensive journal on their planning and their directing process. Directing students will complete a final written project/portfolio of their work and submit it before the end of the production season.

827 Classroom Aide

Students will also have the opportunity to explore theatre through Independent Study and by serving as a Teacherís Classroom Aide for any theatre arts class. See your guidance counselor, the Theatre Director or Technical Director for details.

828 Independent Study in Theatre