Backstage Teams-Behind the Scenes

Stop by any day after school and find out how you can get involved in all technical aspects of the program. Come make new friends and get involved with the most innovative group of students you will ever meet!

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< Michael Barrington-Haber/Teacher
Technical Director/Teacher
(617) 559-6400 X454137

Jay Zawacki
Assistant Technical Director
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Natalie Chaidez
Costume/WHAM/ Coordinator/Teacher
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Whether you are a member of the Newton North Stage Crew, a Stage Manager, Costume coordinator, Costume crew, Props coordinator, Props crew, or Student Producer, you will learn technical theatre organization, design and implementation. No experience is necessary, no prior skill is needed, just a willingness to learn and become a part of this incredible experience.

As a part of Stage Crew, you will be a member of a team working on lighting, sound, set design, and the theatrical production process. For each production in the Lasker Auditorium and Little Theatre, the Stage Crew is responsible for designing, constructing, and striking the set, lights, sound and making sure the theatre space is clean after every production. Students will learn basic carpentry, electrical, sound, lighting, drafting, and construction techniques in a safe environment. Each member of the crew is given a full safety manual and they are constantly supervised when using the theatre equipment. Stage Crew may meet every day after school depending on each studentís schedule. Each student has the opportunity to create their schedule in conjunction with the needs of the program.

Students learn scheduling, organization, project management and problem solving as well as being collaborative artists. They also provide the design and necessary technical support for a wide variety of outside productions, programs, speakers, meetings, and special events. Equally important, they serve as student leaders and role models as they learn to take responsibility and ownership for the security, care, maintenance, and safe use of equipment in the theatre facilities. As students add to their knowledge base and skill set they will have the opportunity to serve as student leaders for the Stage Crew. They will help teach, guide and support less experienced students in developing knowledge and practical skill in the area of technical theatre. They will also serve as role models that support a positive and collaborative environment.

Getting involved:
Stage Crew meets everyday after school, in the Scene Shop, Room 185. Come down and give it a try.

Mission Statement

To engage and expose students to the world of theatre and provide hands on opportunities in scenic, lighting, and sound design, as well as props, costumes, make-up, etc. The goal is to gain invaluable skills and knowledge in a professional backstage theatre environment.

To provide Theatre Ink and Newton North High School with experienced production staff for all events.

To expose students to a field which may interest them as a career.

Benefits to Students:

Students will learn valuable technical and life skills that will make them well rounded and innovators in todayís ever changing society. These skills will be valuable and marketable in any field of study or career choices that students undertake.

Students who continue with stage crew after one year may have the opportunity to design shows for Theatre Ink productions. This will depend on their educational growth, commitment and desire to serve in a leadership position within the program.

Stage Crew members beginning in their junior year have the opportunity receive work-study credit and pay for their work within the theatre program.

Experienced Stage Crew members may be offered paid work for outside organizations held in the performing arts center spaces, and also may have other opportunities outside Newton North High School.

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