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Cabaret Musical Theatre Troupe
Directed and Coordinated by
Kelly McIntyre, Hayley Travers and Jon Paul Roby
January 14th and May 14th
at 7:30 pm in Lasker Auditorium

Cabaret Troupe is a group of 18 students who are serious about singing and performing contemporary musical theatre.

Cabaret Troupe 2009-2010
Sam Melnick
Eliza Burr
Anna Nemetz
Edan Laniado
Corey Robins
David Gore
Madeline Murphy
Emily Paley
Linda Bard
Ryan Vona
Sehee Sim
Will Zhang
Laura Swager
Julia Mandel-Folly
Michaela Berla-Shulock
Kelly McIntyre
Jon Paul Roby
Hayley Travers