Playwrights' Festival

Directed by Abby Holtzman, Emma Weisberg, and Kelsey Fox (email)
Friday, June 8th, at at 7:30PM and Saturday, June 9th, at 2:00PM in the Little Theatre

Playwrighting Workshop: October 22th at 12 pm
Submissions due November 9th
Auditions: April 23rd and 24th
Callbacks: April 25th
Play Packet
Callback Packet

The 5th Annual Playwrights' Festival is an all student-written, directed and produced collection of ten-minute plays. The process starts in early winter: the playwrights get to know each other and their plays very well through an intensive, personal group editing process, during which the plays will be improved and transformed. Other highlights include having the opportunity to work with a Boston professional playwright and take part in a student playwrights' festival run by Boston University. The editing process culminates in the casting and production of each ten-minute play.


We want to thank each and every one of you for submitting your play to the 5th Annual Playwrights' Festival. We received an unprecedented number of submissions this year, all of which were creative and showed your skills as writers, making the decision extremely difficult. Every playwright should be proud of the time and effort they put into their submission and know that we were impressed by your dedication, talent and originality.

We encourage everyone to seek feedback with either the directors, our faculty advisor Mr. Fabrizio, or Mr. Brown. This meeting is a way to learn about how to build upon the submitted play, as well as to learn more about the judging process in preparation for submitting to next year's Festival.

There will be a meeting for the selected playwrights after vacation, so look out for an email over break!

Again, thank you all for your submissions. We were honored to be able to read your plays.

Have a wonderful holiday break!

-Emma, Abby and Kelsey

At a Standstill by Kelsey Fox
Bound/Unbound by Emma Weisberg
Calling All Lovers by Robert Abbott
Dinner with Bambi by Maeve and Rowan Sockwell
Good Morning Baltimore by Bethany Lehman
Ice Cream Boy and Shutter Girl by Nellie Robinson
In Good Time by Marianne Engelke
Parent Teacher Conference by Elena Rodriguez
The Artists at Work by Peter Diamond
The Rashomon Effect by Abby Holtzman

This show contains some language that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.