PROJECT Presents

Directed by Margo Carmona-Born and Grace Beecher

A staged reading of
Goodbye, Charles
by Gabriel Davis

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Premieres November 4,5, 2021 at 7:30PM
In the Little Theatre
A dark romantic comedy about dating, marriage and death. Synopsis: Jill's husband Charles mysteriously disappears after she refuses to grant him a divorce. Concerned something has happened to her husband, Jill follows a string of clues to try and find out the secret Charles was keeping from her.

The Play Performance Project is a brand new TheatreInk opportunity that blends play-reading and performance. Students will pick plays, read them together, and then develop one into a live staged-reading production. This group is fast-paced and fun, come with lots of ideas and ready to read!

Once 2 plays are chosen we will have auditions and stage the plays!

Play Performance Project
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