Lost and Found

Stories of People of Color
by People of Color

January 20-22 at 7:30PM
Little Theatre
Directed by Olivia Herich-Tapia, Ben Tang, Abby Puduseril,
and Musically Directed by Catia Schiff

This is not a moment, it is the movement-Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

Time and time again, the stories of people of color are swept under the rug and lost.
It is about time we found them.

What is Lost and Found? Lost and Found is a no-cut, cabaret-style show for students of color at North. This show was created last year by Edie Pike, a Newton North alumni, to provide a safe community space for students of color to express themselves through the performing arts. We are hoping to make this show a staple in the Theatre Ink seasons to come! One of the aspects that make Lost and Found special is that it centers on community building by having full-cast rehearsals once a week where we have organized discussions about race and identity in our lives. There are many opportunities to get involved including singing, acting, and/or dancing. Also, if performing is not your thing, you can write pieces for the show, stage-manage, and/or get involved with our art exhibit in the lobby. In terms of commitment, it can be tailored to your schedule and availability. Shows, sports, and other extracurriculars most likely do not conflict. A big part of the show is exploring the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. The show is on January 20-22. CanŐt wait to see you there!

Lost and Found is a compilation of original and published pieces, songs, monologues, scenes, and dances.

Performance Dates 1/20-22

Directed by Edie Pike

January 28-29n 2021