Spontaneous Generation

Directed by Raven Belson and Oliver Perlo

April 24,25,26,27 at 7:30PM in the Little Theatre

From the moment when the first bacterium crawled onto the felsic shore and called itself man, Mother Earth has called on one troupe to be the guiding light for the despairing mass: SPONTANEOUS GENERATION! Back with four more action packet shows, combining both short form and long form improvisation into one unique and hilarious thrill ride that will have you sneezing with laughter from start to finish. Relying on both audience participation and the cunning of the actors, Spon Gen is one show you will not want to miss. Wake the kids! Call the neighbors! Summon the spirits! SPON GEN IS BACK!

Improv Club will be held every Tiger Block in the Little Theatre.

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