Theatre Ink

Directed by Derek Butterton and Mercer Gary (email)
December 9, 10, 11, 2010, at 7:30PM in the Little Theatre

Eurydice is the story of a newly-married husband and wife split apart by death. Eurydice reminisces with her long-dead father in the Underworld; Orpheus searches desperately for a way to reach his love. A nasty yet interesting Man sews temptation and cruelty. Three Stones watch events unfold, snickering, commenting, insulting, advising and weeping. And as the two young lovers draw ever closer to reconnection, the story rises to a conclusion that is at once deeply fantastical and utterly true.

Cast List
Eurydice : Rosie McInnes
Father : Skylar Fox
Orpheus : Charlie Beers
A Nasty Interesting Man/
Lord of the Underworld
: Justin Phillips
Big Stone : Amanda King
Little Stone : Lior Percher
Loud Stone : Emily Clott

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We would like nothing better than to work with all of you. Honestly. To everyone not cast, we cannot emphasize enough how much we want you to get involved; you are talented, energetic, and itís your continual involvement that makes this program work. Cast or not, we highly encourage you to set up a meeting with us for feedback on your audition. There will be a brief meeting by the callboard for the cast members at 2:30 pm on Friday, September 24th.

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