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Directed by Graham Techler and Derek Butterton (email)
June 8th and 10th, 2011, at 7:30PM in Little Theatre

Nitrous Oxide is a group of strange hybrid beings from deepest space: students that not only act, but also write sketch comedy! Through irregular workshops, and perhaps the odd party, the troupe, over a period of months, writes and rehearses a sketch review for performance in repertory with the Playwrights' Festival in early June. Last year, Nitrous Oxide tackled topics ranging from the crushing loneliness of superhero life, to high-class cannibalism, to the healing power of funk. Whether you're onstage, backstage, in the audience, or out in the hall, Nitrous Oxide is the gold standard when it comes to high-quality entertainment.

Cast List
Directed by
Derek Butterton
Graham Techler
Charlie Beers
Sam Bell-Gurwitz
Kelsey Fox
Mercer Gary
Dan Minihan
Justin Philips
Sam Raby
Jack Reibstein
Maeve Sockwell
Rowan Sockwell

Thank you to all who auditioned. This decision was extremely difficult, and many, many talented people were not cast. To everyone who auditioned, we highly encourage you to set up a feedback meeting with the directors.

Thank you,
Graham and Derek

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