Theatre Ink

Directed by Derek Butterton and Aviva Galpert
June 9th and 11th, 2011, at 7:30PM in Little Theatre

One of Theatre Ink’s missions is to empower students when it comes to creating theatre, and nowhere is this more apparent than the Playwrights’ Festival. Every year, interested students write and submit ten minute plays, which are reviewed by a panel of student directors, faculty and alumni. From these, between six and eight are selected, and their authors begin an intensive process of peer review, discussion and revision. But it doesn’t stop there! After an audition process, these plays are then cast with other students. Those students collaborate with student directors and the playwrights to complete the transformation of a four- to five-page Word document into a ten-minute odyssey of love, discovery, betrayal and redemption, acted out before the Newton community. It’s an opportunity for individuals interested in writing, directing, acting, producing or working backstage to get involved and tell important stories for the very first time.

The Playwrights' Festival contains mature themes and language that may be inappropriate for some audiences.

Audition Packet
Play Packet
Callback Packet

Cast List

“Anatomy of an Ear”
Ear : Hannah Searles
Do-Gooder : Susannah Thal-Nir
Voicebox : Ben Rosenberg
Brimstone : Johnny Medlar
Cluelesser : Ally Batista
(Ob)noxious : Saba Mostafavi
Stereotyped : Nick Rodriguez

"Extra Cheese"
Bruce : Jonathan Kim
Kim : Hakule Holmberg
Dominic : Raphael Weikart
Lizzie : Hannah Gallogly

Michael : Kyle Hartmann
Mr. Venn : Ned Martenis

Boris : Justin Phillips
Jessica : Flannery Sockwell

"Old No. 7"
Jack : Bob Waters
Lily : Monica Reuman
Alice : Alyssa Steffen
Young Alice : Kathryn Adelson

"The Perishables"
Mom : Mia Bracciale
Amy : Bethany Lehman
Rue : Emma Hanselman

John : Ian Lund
Anna : Maddy Waters

"Up From Here"
Elsa : Katie Cohen
Henry : Jake Rosenberg
Wexler : Indigo Asim

"The Wish"
Gene : Jonny Cohen
Jim : Billy Cohen

"With Toasted Coconut"
Annie : Emily Eldridge-Ingram
Matt : Charlie Beers
Steve : Jason Lob

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Playwrights' Festival! We saw talent from everyone who auditioned, and this was an extremely difficult decision. All auditioners, regardless of whether you were cast, are encouraged to seek feedback from the directors or Mr. Brown: you can email or to set up a meeting. We highly encourage anyone not cast to get involved backstage on this production: your energy and dedication will be an incredible help. Everyone who was cast will be contacted by the directors of their individual shows to set up rehearsal schedules.

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