Freshman Cabaret-BORN TO BE BRAVE

December 17,18 at 7:30PM on Zoom

Frosh Cab is an all inclusive show that involves singing, dancing, acting, and a live band. Everyone auditions and everyone gets in! It is a super fun way to meet other freshman and is a great introduction to Theater Ink. There are a few tech opportunities for Freshman, too!

Frosh Cab 2020 is currently planned as a virtual production.

Meet the Production Team (Affectionately called the FroshCabinet)

Molly Bailen, dance and acting director

Mikayle Huntington, dance and singing director

Anderson Free, acting and singing director

Harold Purcell, acting and singing director

Natalie Penn, band leader

Lily Bailen, stage manager

Zoe Burd, stage manager

Nicole Temkin, stage manager

Ms. Goldthwaite, faculty advisor

Ms. Meszko-Cameron, faculty advisor

Check out the New FroshCab Website for all information here

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