Lost and Found

The Untold Stories of People of Color

This is not a moment, it is the movement-Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

Time and time again, the stories of people of color are swept under the rug and lost.
It is about time we found them.

What is Lost and Found? Lost and Found is about sharing the stories of people of color and amplifying their voices through the performing arts. From hardships to celebrations, people of color have countless stories to tell. Lost and Found will provide space for people of color to reflect on their identity and experiences in order to assemble a cabaret style troupe show of stories. Over time, people of color have many encounters with their racial identity, and a goal of Lost and Found is to explore and understand racial identity in ways you havenŐt before. Lost and Found will be a reserved safe space for this exploration and for people of color to be vulnerable and receive support. Lost and Found invites you to share your story, using theatre and performing arts as an outlet.

Lost and Found is a compilation of original and published pieces, songs, monologues, scenes, and dances.

Performance Dates 1/28-29

Directed by Edie Pike

January 28-29n 2021